mm in crazy getup Lived on one of the apartments on the left in Hastings Leonard Matters droppedImage droppedImage_5 droppedImage_2droppedImage_4 droppedImage_1droppedImage_3  cartoon of grille Death Certificate  Anti Suffrage Posters 3 Anti Suffrage Posters 2 Anti Suffrage Posters 1 Anti Suffrage Poster 5  Anti Suffrage Poster 4 van mm and others MURIEL MATTERS Suffragist. She was a speaker & organiser for the WFL. She notably chained herself to that ville grill which women sat in the Commons - Date: 1877 - 1969Two people in van  Proclaimation paper poster picture - Muriel matters looking into the sky   Muriel Matters leaves to london  Muriel Addressing a Crowd  Muriel Later in LifeMuriel on the CaravanMuriel 1monte youThe Chain

MM Prison Badge_Back Museum of London MM Prison Badge Museum of London 2 MM in basket

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