UK Trip 2017 Highlights!

The Secretary of the Muriel Matters Society, Frances Bedford, had a short but busy visit to the UK in early September 2017. There were many highlights over the week. Frances met with Stephen Spence who is involved in the Muriel Matters Society in the UK. Nicola Wright at the Women’s Library at the London School of Economics was also very generous with her time. V. Irene Cockcroft, mentor, curator and author of New Dawn Women, was enthusiastic and helpful throughout the visit. Frances also attended the book launch at Australia House in London for Robert Wainwright’s biography on Muriel. Although brief, meetings of the Hastings and London chapters were important, as was reconnecting with our UK friends and members in the lead up to the centenary celebrations next year. See below for some pictures from the trip and more highlights!

Aus House Group

The wonderful women of the Muriel Matters Society in the UK. Left to right: Beverley Cook (Museum of London), V. Irene Cockroft, Frances Bedford, Melanie and Mari (Houses of Parliament). Front, centre: Naomi Paxton.

At Muriel Matters House in Hastings, Frances met with councillors and members of the Hastings MMS Chapter. Left to right: Frances Bedford, Peter Chowney (Leader of the Council and Finance and Property), Kim Forward (Deputy Leader of the Hastings Borough Council).


Frances collected parts for the MMS magic lantern from UK enthusiast, Robin Palmer, seen here with his fabulous triple lens lantern. Robin assured us Muriel Maters would have carried a lantern similar to the one we have purchased, which with the parts he supplied should be working very soon (thanks to Mark!).  


Frances also met with Oliver Waldren in Hastings who was a friend of Muriel Matters many moons ago!