Muriel Matters Society Inc. 2018 AGM


The Muriel Matters Society Inc. had their 2017-18 AGM on Sunday morning, 26 August 2018. It was well attended and members enjoyed the hospitality of the Seven Stars Hotel on Angas Street in the CBD. The Secretary of the Society, Frances Bedford MP, outlined the activities of the Society in the past year, oulined the financial position of the organisation, and elections were held for key positions.

Looking back on the year it is amazing what has been achieved by all involved! There have been numerous theatre productions that relate to Muriel and suffrage such as, ‘That Daring Australian Girl’ and ‘Soapbox for Democracy’ by Joanne Hartstone. In Queensland there was a production of ‘Dames and Daredevils for Democracy’ while in London expat Elise Lamb performed ‘Deeds not Words’ at Pleasance Islington Theatre – productions referenced the story of Muriel Matters to some extent. A giant mural of Muriel Matters by Claire Foxton appeared in Dawkins Place and exhibitions of the Society’s collection were held in the Town Hall and Adelaide City Library. Robert Wainwright’s biography of Muriel Matters was released with a new cover while You Daughters of Freedom (that mentions some of Muriel’s activities) by Dr Clare Wright is soon to be published.

Frances Bedford filled in members about her most recent UK trip and all that took place. She showcased The Society’s latest aquisitions, including the ‘shoebox finds’ – stay posted for more information! Jane Lomax-Smith also shared her first-hand experience of the 100 year celebrations of women being granted limited suffrage in the UK. Next year promises to be a big one for The Society as we prepare for the 125 year celebration of South Australian women gaining the dual right to both vote in elections and stand for parliament in 1894.

Thanks to everyone who made the year such a success!

seven stars