Mary Lee Comes to Life!

Watch a clip of Mary Lee as she comes back to life! Lee looms large in the history of suffrage in South Australia. After being widowed in her 30s she emigrated from Ireland to Adelaide with her daughter. In her new life abroad she became very active in a variety of different political groups, including the Social Purity Society, the South Australian Women’s Suffrage League, and the Working Women’s Trades Union. Still, for Mary Lee, the fight for female suffrage in South Australia was something she called her ‘crowing task’. Above she is played by the talented Adelaide-based actor Tamara Lee.

As part of the 2018 Adelaide Fringe, The Muriel Matters Society Inc. was involved in initiating the very successful ‘A Soapbox for Democracy’. It was produced by the wonderful Joanne Hartstone, in association with the Centre of Democracy. Thanks to Peter Tee and his team for filming the session! Stay posted for more clips in the coming weeks of different figures…

If you want to know more about Mary Lee (1821-1909) her entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography is a good place to start.