From the Newspapers – Muriel on this Day in 1908…

On 30 November 1908 The Scotsman published an article that includes mention to Muriel in court written soon after the grille protest…



Mr Hopkins, the Magistrate at Westminster Police Court, was engaged yesterday in dealing with the cases arising out of Wednesday night’s raid on the House of Commons by the suffragists.  There were fifteen defendants – one man and fourteen women, the latter being members of the Women’s Freedom League.  Little interest was taken in proceedings by the general public, those seeking admission to the Court chiefly comprising the officials of the League and a few of the members.

The defendants were Miss Violet Tillard, Tunbridge Wells; Miss Edith Bremner, Rona Road, Hampstead, N.W.; Mrs Emily Duval, Battersea; Miss Marguerita Henderson, Lewisham;  Miss Alison Neilans, Primar Road, Stockwell; Miss Marion Holmes, Croydon;  Miss Jane McCallum, Dunfermline;  Miss Barbara Duval, Battersea; Mrs Bedena Wells, London;  Miss Mary Manning, Arthur’s Hill, Cheshire;  Miss Dorothy Spencer, Herne Hill:  Miss Muriel Matters, Bayswater; and Arnold Cutler.  They were all charged with obstructing the police in the execution of their duty.

Mr Muskett, who appeared for the police, described the scenes in the vicinity of the House on Wednesday night as the most disgraceful and most disorderly that had occurred in connection with the agitation for votes for women.  He expressed the hope that the Magistrate would deal with the defendants in the same way as his colleagues had done in other Courts.”