Merry Christmas! Here is what Muriel was up to on this day in 1903…

Muriel made an appearance in The Register on page 3 on the 29th December 1903.  Here’s a report on what she did on Christmas night along with some of the other goings-on around her at Victor Harbour at the time:

“VICTOR HARBOUR, December 28 – Miss Muriel Matters, assisted by Miss A. K. Porter recited “Enoch Arden” with musical accompaniment to an appreciative audience in the Victor Harbour Institute on Christmas Night.  The jetty and beaches proved a great attraction on the warm night for the numerous visitors.  On Saturday afternoon a team of cricketers in comic character, with the Victor Harbor Brass Band, paraded the streets, gathering a large crowd in their wake to Mount Breckan, where a fete was held in aid of the institute building fund.  Mrs. Alexander Hay placed her grounds and mansion at the disposal of the promoters for the purpose.  The cricket match provided considerable amusement.  The weather, which was close and threatening, culminated in a heavy downpour of rain, which effectually cleared the grounds at a much earlier hour than was intended;  consequently many articles on the Christmas tree and fancy stalls remained unsold at the fete.  They were afterwards disposed of in the evening at the institute hall.  On Saturday afternoon Mr. Dutton’s schooner yacht Mavis arrived at the moorings on a cruise.  On Sunday the jetties and Granite Island were gay with the numbers of people promenading.  Sailing boats took parties out in the bay.”

Everyone here at the Muriel Matters Society Inc. wish you a very happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous year in 2020.