The Grille Girl in 1909

Here’s an article about Muriel published on this day in 1909 by the Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser. It reveals more about the agitation of the ‘grille girl’ in Liverpool for female suffrage…



The habitues of the Liverpool Exchange flags were startled yesterday by an incursion of the Suffragette missionaries, who, in possession of a substantial office chair, which was occupied by Miss Broadhurst, of London University, established a meeting in support of their cause.

The principal speaker was Miss Muriel Matters, the “grille” girl.  Miss Matters gave an elaborate address, and replied fluently to a bombardment of questions.  Miss Matters was subsequently invited to the Stock Exchange, where she was very cordially received, mounted the rostrum, and delivered a vigorous address, using the hammer frequently.  At the conclusion of her speech she was greatly complimented, and received quite an ovation on leaving.

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser

30 January 1909