International Women’s Day 2020! Learn about some women who made a difference…

International Women’s Day is a reminder to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements – both big and small – of women all over the world. The Muriel Matters Society Inc. recently acquired a set of Women’s Freedom League postcards depicting three women who certainly made a difference to the lives of the women around them – Teresa Billington-Greig, Edith How-Martyn, and Muriel Matters. Scroll down to view these period postcards and to learn a little more about their lives.

Postcards are a fascinating piece of history. They were used not just as a promotional tool but as a means for women’s groups to fundraise as well. These cards were sent from ‘Will’ to ‘Miss A. Lee’ in Devon over a century ago, there is even reference to a football match between England and Australia you can read about…

Edith How-Martyn (1875-1954)

How-Martyn was trained at university in physics, maths and science before becoming involved in radical politics and the WSPU. She broke away from the WSPU with Charlotte Despard to help form the Women’s Freedom League in 1907. Throughout her life she involved herself in many protests and demonstrations for the cause, including spending time in prison for her actions. She remained active in politics (particularly on issues of birth control) before passing away in Sydney.

Teresa Billington-Greig (1877-1964)

Billington-Greig became a teacher before becoming involved in the Equal Pay League and then the WSPU. She was noted for her tireless work ethic and later agitated on behalf of the Women’s Freedom League. She was imprisoned on multiple occasions for her involvement in protests and, after the vote was won, continued to advocate for women’s issues, including making it possible for underprivileged women to get involved in sport.

Both Edith and Teresa were leaders in the WCTU before they left to help form the WFL with Charlotte Despard. They were instrumental in organising the Caravan Tour, The Grille Protest, and the Balloon Protest.

Muriel Matters (1877-1969)

You’re in the right place to learn about Muriel Matters! Navigate through this website to find out all you need…