11th MMS AGM – Pictures!

Thanks to the many members of The Muriel Matters Society Inc. who attended our AGM on Sunday, 16 August 2020. It was great to see so many friendly and familiar faces given the year we have had so far.

President, Robin Matters, chaired and Secretary, Frances Bedford MP, reported the meeting. There were the usual goings-on of the AGM – Frances detailed The Society’s finances, website and social media presence, yearly correspondence as well as the election of office bearers.

Here are some highlights from the day:

  • Kerry Bosisto was presented with her Life Membership by Robin Matters while Jane Lomax-Smith was also congratulated on becoming the 25th life member. Thanks to both of these women for their ongoing support!
  • Ruth Russell unveiled her artwork depicting Muriel Matters during the balloon protest, part of her ongoing project of significant South Australian women.
  • Author, Dr Collette Snowden, gave a speech at what formed a ‘soft launch’ of The Society’s new monograph Muriel Matters: That Daring Australian Girl. Collette stayed behind to sign more than a few copies. Mark Thomson was also thanked by all in attendance for his hard work in making the book a reality.
  • Frances unveiled ‘Dora’ the suffrage doll for members. A fantastic article by Irene Cockroft was read to explain her significance and provenance.

Thanks to our friends at the Seven Stars Hotel for hosting us on the day! Members had coffee and cake and some stayed for lunch as well afterwards. The Seven Stars Hotel is well worth a visit if you are in the city!

Our Secretary and President! Frances Bedford MP (left) and Robin Matters (right).
Kerry Bosisto receiving her MMS life membership!
Frances congratulating Collette on her efforts.
Frances explaining the significance of the acquisition.
Ruth Russell with her fantastic art piece!
The author signing copies…
Many members stayed for lunch at the Seven Stars afterwards.
Thanks to Sonya for all her hard work on the day!
Frances revealing ‘Dora’ the doll to MMS members for the first time.