The Society at the Hindmarsh Fire and Folk Museum!

On the weekend The Society had a wonderful time at the Hindmarsh Fire and Folk Museum – home of a series of photos of Mudge the Butcher, and his butcher’s block – exploring its many treasures!

President, Ron Willis, and Secretary, Trevor Porter, and their team were very welcoming to all of our Members as we shared tea, coffee, and cake together. At their suggestion, The Society gifted the Museum a vintage framed account of Muriel’s hat-trick of firsts. Our President, Robin Matters, and Secretary, Frances Bedford, helped unveil the collection of newspaper articles and images prepared by Wendy Herbert with calligraphy by Joan Stratford featuring key moments in Muriel’s fight to get women the vote. For information on how to visit the Hindmarsh Fire and Folk Museum in person follow this link: You will need more than half a day to see it all!


From Left to Right: Steven Anderson, Peter Candy, Neville Jeffries, Frances Bedford, Ron Willis, and Trevor Porter


From Left to Right: Wendy Herbert, Frances Bedford, and Joan Stratford


The framed collection of images and newspaper articles in pride of place!


From Left to Right: Ron Willis, Robin Matters, and Frances Bedford


Members of The Muriel Matters Society and the Hindmarsh Historical Fire and Folk Museum after coffee and cake