The Muriel Matters Society 2016 AGM

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On Sunday 14 August, Members of the Muriel Matters Society gathered at the 7 Stars Hotel in the Adelaide CBD for the Society’s Annual General Meeting for 2016. Frances Bedford, the Secretary of the Society, delivered the Secretary’s, financial and correspondence reports for 2015-2016 which were then discussed openly by all Members present. After the Annual Report there was the Election of Office Bearers for 2016-2017. Pursuant to a vote from the Members present Robin Matters was re-elected as President of The Society, Frances Bedford remained the Secretary/Treasurer, and Wendy Herbert continues on as Executive Officer. The existing Committee was also re-elected and there was a suggestion to expand the number of Committee Members as required, which was discussed by all.

During the meeting Anna from Seeds of Affinity shared with Members the experience of her organisation in providing support for women recently released from prison. On behalf of The Society Frances gave Seeds of Affinity a monetary donation to help them continue their work. Muriel had a passion for prison reform after her experience in Holloway Gaol and The Society was happy to help out in this way. Sophia, a member of the Australian Local Government Women’s Association, also shared with everyone how her organisation was inspired by The Muriel Matters Society to research and highlight some prominent women in the history of local government. They are especially interested in Susan Grace Benny who was the first women elected to a local government body anywhere in Australia. We look forward to seeing how they progress!

It was an enjoyable morning for all involved and members were treated to complimentary gingerbread men decorated in suffrage colours! The 7 Stars Hotel was very kind to The Society and provided us with their function room to hold the AGM. Afterwards some Members stayed behind to enjoy the lovely lunch meals on offer there.

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Some of the Members enjoying lunch at the 7 Stars Hotel

Left to Right: Denise, Frances, John, Velda.

a and f final

Frances handing over the Muriel Matters Society donation to Anna from Seeds of Affinity.

members pre agm

Members at the 7 Stars Hotel chatting prior to the AGM starting.