Opening of Muriel Matters Walk in Bowden

On Sunday, 12 February 2017, The Muriel Matters Society opened a walk named in Muriel’s honour in Bowden, on the fringe of the Adelaide Parklands. A number of members were present as the Secretary of The Society, Frances Bedford MP, officially revealed the sign alongside other prominent Members, such as Jane Lomax-Smith and Collette Snowden. Champagne and fruit platters were on hand to celebrate the opening as Denise Schumann explained her wonderful design to those gathered.

Bowden was where Muriel was born and her family spent a number of her childhood years living in the suburb. The area has been transformed in recent years through a mixed use urban renewal building project. It’s naming will be a lasting monument to Muriel’s legacy and serve as a reminder to locals of one of their most prominent former residents.

The Muriel Matters Walk is located behind Jamer’s Kitchen in Bowden – between Forth and Fifth St (see the red circle on the map below):


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