The Muriel Matters Society Inc. AGM 2017

On Sunday morning, 13 August 2017, members of The Muriel Matters Society met in the Chapel Building of the Migration Museum just off Kintore Avenue in the Adelaide CBD. The Society’s President, Robin Matters, and Secretary, Frances Bedford MP, conducted the AGM. The 2016-17 financial report and correspondence was discussed by those members present. Frances gave an update on the important work that The Society has carried out since the last AGM including its continuing community outreach, Robert Wainwright’s work on Muriel, and the many future plans and projects in store for The Society. Various Office Bearers, including the position of President, Secretary/Treasurer as well as those on the Committee, were re-elected for 2017-18. We recognise and thank all those who continue to volunteer their time and expertise on behalf of The Society. Particular thanks to Frances Bedford MP who, as ever, tirelessly advocates on behalf of The Society and its various community outreach projects.

After the meeting was closed members had morning tea together and wondered over in the sunshine to the new Centre of Democracy (CoD) on Kintore Avenue for a look around. Staff from the History Trust of South Australia were on hand to introduce members to the various exhibits. The CoD houses some important and fascinating artefacts from South Australian political history including Don Dunstan’s infamous pink shorts and Bob Hawkes Australia themed jacket. Muriel Matters is also represented by a collection of ephemera on loan by The Society to the exhibition. The CoD is well worth a visit, for more information and opening hours follow the link: