The Grille Incident Depicted in the 1935 British Film ‘Royal Cavalcade’

It has recently come to light that Muriel Matters’ involvement in the Grille Protest was dramatized in the ‘Royal Cavalcade’ – a British black and white film from 1935. The drama is a pastiche of notable events from the previous twenty-five years that was commissioned to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V. Actual newsreel footage appears alongside scenes re-enacted by actors (like the one showing the Grille Protest). In addition to the Grille Protest, the film alludes to the militant agitation of Christabel Pankhurst and the WSPU, the infamous death of Emily Davidson at the Epson Derby as well as Nancy Astor taking her seat in British Parliament. Many thanks to Eileen Luscombe for unearthing this material and notifying the Muriel Matters Society that the scene existed!!