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The Muriel Matters Society Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2009 to:

• Research, establish and perpetuate the history of the career and life’s work of South Australia’s Muriel Lilah Matters.

• Promote the ideals and vision around Muriel’s philosophy of equality and access, especially in the areas of women’s participation, education for all, industrial fairness and world peace.

• Encourage members and the wider public to adopt Muriel’s principles for social justice and egalitarian values.

All money raised by The Society through memberships fees, the selling of ephemera and private donations is used to further the above aims. In life Matters was committed to removing the barriers that gender played in areas such as education, work and politics that pervaded early twentieth century society. And so, over half a century after the death of Muriel Matters, our Society seeks to both acknowledge the debt owed by us to her generation of women and to preserve their ideals for the benefit of posterity. You can read the Constitution of The Muriel Matters Society Inc. by clicking here.

The Executive


Past Members of the Executive

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Don Matters: President (2009-2013)

The Muriel Matters Society Inc. works in collaboration with The Don Dunstan Foundation:



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