Visiting Muriel’s UK?

Planning to visit the UK soon? Perhaps you already live there? The Muriel Matters Society Inc. has constructed a number of interactive maps to help you visit some of the key sites associated with Muriel’s life…
Map of Hastings

Muriel Matters spent much of her life in Hastings, eventually passing away there in 1969. Below is an interactive map showing some of what she did in Hastings. Zoom in and click on the many pins to find out more! If you would like to view a legend of each marker click on the toggle on the top left of the map.

A special thanks to Marilyn Saklatvala from the Old Hastings Preservation Society for helping The Muriel Matters Society create this map. This map is copyright of the Muriel Matters Society Inc. 2017, all rights reserved.

Can you help?

This interactive map of Hastings is a work in progress so if you have anything to add to please get in touch with The Society. Information on the exact location of the Hollington P.S.A. (Primary School Academy) and the ‘Grand Restaurant, Hastings’ in particular would be greatly appreciated! Both were venues where Muriel once spoke.

Map of the 1908 Caravan Tour

In 1908 Muriel Matters, along with other members of the Women’s Freedom League (WFL), toured the South East counties of England by caravan. They proclaimed the benefits of women’s suffrage to rural areas and helped create new WFL branches as they went. Above their route is marked out using modern roads. A special thanks to Marie and Chris Maddocks of The Muriel Matters Society for researching and mapping out the route. For a detailed itinerary of the dates and places Muriel and friends visited on the tour click here.

More maps are in production… We look forward to sharing them when they become avaliable!

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